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Our Vision


Our prayer is that Cornerstone will be a place where ...

... people learn to live life with joy and purpose, by experiencing God’s love, forgiveness and acceptance through a living and authentic friendship with his Son, Jesus.

... worship of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is done in spirit and in truth, not just as a weekly church event, but as a lifestyle… at home, work, in all our relationships and decisions of life. 

... tens of thousands of people in New Castle County, Cecil County and beyond are introduced to Jesus and invited to follow him.

... there are hundreds of small groups, where children, youth, and adults are connected and growing in biblically centered community.

... every follower of Jesus has identified their spiritual gifts and are using them in service to others.

… scores of people are called into fulltime vocational ministry, and where hundreds serve as short-term missionaries throughout the world.

... the needs of the poor, the oppressed and those in crisis, in the community and beyond, are addressed with hope and dignity.

... three thousand people commit themselves to Cornerstone’s membership vows.

... church facilities are able to serve one thousand people at a time, facilities that are inspiring, functional, adequate and well maintained, but never idolized.

... grace and truth prevail, to the glory of God.

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Our Mission:
At Cornerstone we exist to... love God, love people, that the world might know the life changing love of Jesus