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Care Ministry Areas

Contact our Church Family Care Ministry if you are in need of prayer and/or support or would like information about any of the following areas.


House of Prayer:
These are committed prayer warrior teams, faithful and devoted to administering prayer for those in the body of Christ who may be facing trials and tribulations in their life.

Support Groups:
For Widows and Widowers, Cancer Support, Employment Networking: These support groups meet on a regular basis to encourage each other through prayer.

Bereavement Ministry:
A Team that is compassionate and sensitive to the needs of others who are dealing with the struggles resulting from loss of a loved one. This team will be willing to support families with a listening ear, words of encouragement and prayer.

Parish Nurse:
Licensed nurses and caregivers address the physical, spiritual and health needs of friends and members of Cornerstone.  This team provides blood pressure screenings for our Senior Center and Congregation. Also, Geriatric health talks and CPR training.

Emergency Needs:
This ministry focuses on the immediate physical needs of individuals. Through this ministry, we are able to reach out to individuals through our Food Closet and Helping Hands Ministry.

Sacramental Care:
To provide the love and forgiveness Jesus Christ offers to each of His Children through the sacrament of communion, take home communion and chancel rail prayer.

Operation “We Care”:
Operation We Care was created to reach out to the Cornerstone family to let them know they are loved, wanted and needed. The primary focus of the ministry are those who have been “Missing in Action” from church for a certain amount of time.

Hospital Visitation:
A passionate, committed team willing to be God’s hands outstretched to administer prayer, friendship and support to those facing the challenges of being hospitalized.

Nursing/Home Visitation:
The team visits those who are in nursing facilities or are home bound. They offer a listening ear and encouragement through friendly conversation and a time of prayer.

Quick Response Team:
The priority of this team is to be Christ’s hands extended to His children when in an immediate need of His compassionate embrace. During a weekly meeting the coordinator will assign individuals identified as needing Christ’s presence immediately. During the next week the caregiver will reach out to the individual through a one-on-one visit, a phone call or a card.

Under the leadership of the Church Family Care Directors this individual will provide resources and training for the Church Family Care Team.

Friends Ministry:
This ministry is designed to pastor those families/individuals that have not taken the steps toward membership or connected to a small group, so that they will prayerfully experience genuine fellowship and spiritual growth in their walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.